Need to file a hostile work environment claim in California?

For nearly four decades, the employment attorneys at Chaleff Rehwald have established a winning record representing people from all walks of life in California. We are ready to aggressively represent you to recover just compensation for lost wages, unpaid overtime, harassment and discrimination, whistleblowing, and all other violations of California and federal employment law.

If you have been subjected to any type of sexual harassment or workplace discrimination, we want to help you take legal action by filing a claim against your employer to recover financial compensation you deserve.

Hostile Work Environment: Sexual Harassment

The term “hostile work environment” is often used in reference to sexual harassment claims. Sexual harassment includes actions that create an uncomfortable or hostile working environment, such as lewd jokes, inappropriate comments, or circulation of pornographic images through work email.

This sexual harassment does not have to be directed at you for you to have grounds to sue. If the behavior makes you feel uncomfortable to the degree that you cannot easily work, Chaleff Rehwald may be able to help.

Hostile Work Environment: Aggression and Intimidation

If your employer or manager engages in unnecessarily aggressive, hostile or intimidating behavior, based on your sex, or other protected characteristic, then you might be in a hostile work environment.

If you are subjected to a hostile work environment, contact the employment lawyers at Chaleff Rehwald for immediate expert assistance. A lawyer from our team will discuss your options during a comprehensive and free case evaluation. Swift action will be taken on your behalf.