Employment Law Class Actions in California

California Class Action Lawyer

In a class action, representatives of the class sue on behalf of all individuals who have suffered the same or similar injury. Class members are entitled to recover for their injuries, even though they are not required to actively participate in the litigation.

This approach can add considerable weight to the claim by including hundreds and perhaps thousands of plaintiffs to the case.

The class-action mechanism spreads the costs of litigation to many individuals, making it possible for attorneys to recover for injuries that might otherwise be too small for a single plaintiff case. As such, class actions are an effective tool to ensure large corporations cannot profit from cheating numerous consumers or employees out of small amounts of money. If you feel that your employer or a large corporation has taken advantage of you, contact the lawyers at Chaleff Rehwald to determine if the class action approach is an appropriate response.

Filing a Class Action Against Your Employer

Class actions are perhaps most recognized in employment law litigation. Our firm has successfully recovered unpaid overtime conpensation for thousands of workers. Violations of overtime laws, denial of rest or meal breaks, Family and Medical Leave Act violations, and various types of discrimination are rarely perpetrated against single individuals.

If you believe you need to file a class action, contact the employment lawyers at Chaleff Rehwald for immediately for expert assistance. A lawyer from our team will discuss your options during a comprehensive and free case evaluation. Swift action will be taken on your behalf.